Muhammad Saeed

Muhammad Saeed’s Journey to Becoming a Musician

Muhammad Saeed, a 25-year-old engineer, producer, writer, and performer from Tanta, Egypt, is a talented musician who never stops crafting his personal experiences into the meaningful lyrics of his music. This article will delve into his journey of becoming a musician, which started when he became a music producer in 2018.

Starting as a Music Producer:

Muhammad Saeed was inspired by the plethora of music producers who made it through YouTube, which led him to kick start his YouTube channel. He uploaded his track “Before,” which he admits was a peculiar mix. However, he later shifted his focus to SoundCloud, thinking that his YouTube channel was not doing much. He continued to post his tracks on both platforms but did not necessarily care to check what his YouTube statistics were doing. His world turned upside down as he opened his email to find a notification that he had surpassed 10,000 YouTube subscribers, leaving him in a state of confusion and ecstasy. Ever since then, he started working more on his YouTube channel once more and was able to build a name for himself on the platform.

Introducing Singing to His Career:

Muhammad Saeed did not have a fan base to support him as a person and producer, even though he tried his best to build one. This made him feel left behind and unappreciated. The decision that was critical to his career was to produce and release a track called “Gowaky,” which he deliberately created to stand out from his other works. “Gowaky” was his ultimate peak, as people started reacting positively and recognizing his music more than ever.

Dealing with Criticism:

Muhammad Saeed faced a lot of criticism throughout his journey, both constructive and destructive. The beginning of his experience with criticism was rooted in his immediate surroundings. The people who surrounded him would offer him feedback, and he was surprised at how unfiltered and sometimes cruel their words could be. As he grew in his craft and gained a larger following, he found that people felt compelled to critique him even if they had nothing constructive to offer. Despite this, he remains thankful for the unexpected influx of praise he received in the previous year for his project, Underground Arabic.

Making Music That Reflects Personal Experiences:

All of Muhammad Saeed’s music reflects a personal experience, some more painful than others. The words in his songs are not just a mere combination of letters and phrases, but rather they come from the depths of his being, reflecting his innermost thoughts and emotions. In fact, he mentioned that “Law” was the most painful yet, and it also turned out to be the most successful. Muhammad is now keen to adhere to the same pace as he did before and barge through the hurdles to rise to eternal fame as he keep pushing his limits and polishing his skills as an artist, producer and a musician.

Memorable Performances:

One of the most memorable concerts and most meaningful to Muhammad Saeed was one he performed in Alexandria. The space had a cozy capacity of 70 individuals, and it offered a serene environment that made him feel right at ease. His melodious voice resonated through the room, and the audience was completely entranced. They couldn’t help but join in with his dulcet tones. The concert lasted for two full hours – two hours of pure bliss for him and the audience combined.

Family Support:

Muhammad Saeed’s parents were worried about his studies and the future of the industry he is keen to be involved in, which made them less supportive in the beginning. However, they were able to come around later after they realized that he was getting somewhere. Muhammad Saeed never blamed them, as he believes that it is their right to worry about the future of their child.

A Dive Into Saeed’s Mind:

As our platform is mainly focused on encouraging up-and-coming talented creators, I asked Muhammad for advice on what he would suggest for those who have an artistic inclination. His response was truly inspiring.

Muhammad shared that people should keep doing whatever they’re doing, even if it feels like a great risk. One should continue to pursue their dreams as long as they believe in themselves. Even if one feels that the whole thing might not work out, they should never give up and continue moving forward. Eventually, they will know whether it will work out or not. According to Muhammad, it’s either one lives like a zombie, following a boring routine just like everyone else or fulfilling their passions and living their dreams.

He describes living like a zombie as doing what everyone else is doing, following the same routine that one’s son and grandson will follow. It is not the vision that one might have had for themselves since childhood. If one does not want to live like a zombie, then they must start working towards their goals right now. It is essential to take the first step towards one’s aspirations and passions, just like Muhammad did.


Muhammad Saeed’s determination and hard work have inevitably paid off, as he has managed to reach millions of views on his YouTube channel and became popular enough to be stopped by passerby’s for pictures. His journey has not been easy, as he has faced many obstacles along the way, including criticism and lack of acceptance for the new genre of music he was introducing open-minded and as receptive to change as you would want them to be, and that’s something we all have to accept and work around.”

Despite the challenges he faced, Muhammad Saeed persevered and stayed true to his passion for music. He has built a strong fan base on social media and his music has reached millions of views on YouTube. His dedication and hard work have paid off, and he has become a well-known name in the music industry in Egypt. Muhammad continues to produce, write, and perform his music, and he aspires to collaborate with artists like Billie Eilish and Khalid in the future.

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