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AP Dhillon

Amritpal Singh Dhillon (born 10 January 1993), known professionally as AP Dhillon, is an Indian singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer associated with Punjabi music.[1][2][3][4] Five of his singles have peaked on the Official Charts Company UK Asian and Punjabi charts, while “Majhail” and “Brown Munde” have topped the chart. Dhillon, alongside his label-mates Gurinder GillShinda Kahlon and Gminxr works as trio under their label ‘Run-Up Records’.

Early life[edit] #

Amritpal Singh Dhillon was born on 10 January 1993 in GurdaspurPunjabIndia.[5] He is born into a Jatt Punjabi Sikh family. He studied from the Little Flower Convent School and completed his graduation in civil engineering from Baba Kuma Singh Ji Engineering College, Hoshiar Nagar affiliated under Punjab Technical University in Kapurthala. Dhillon pursued a diploma in business administration and management from Camosun College in British Columbia.[6] He has since been based in Victoria while working for Run-Up Records.[7]

Career[edit] #

Dhillon started his career in 2019 with singles “Fake” and “Faraar”. In 2020, his single “Deadly”, produced by Gminxr entered UK Asian chart published by the Official Charts Company, and peaked at number 11.[8] Also, the song entered top 5 on UK Punjabi chart.[9] His next single “Droptop” with Gurinder Gill also appeared on both UK Asian and UK Punjabi chart.[9] In June 2020, he collaborated with Gurinder Gill and Manni Sandhu for single “Majhail”, which topped both the UK Asian and Punjabi chart, and became their best performance till date.[8][9] In July 2020, he appeared in “Excuses” by Intense, which peaked at number 3 on UK Asian and topped the UK Punjabi chart.[8][10] In September 2020, he released “Brown munde” with Gurinder Gill, Gminxr, and Shinda Kahlon. NavSidhu Moose Wala, Money Musik, Anmol Dalwani and Steel Banglez appeared in its music video.[11] The song entered Apple Music chart in Canada.[12] The song debuted at number one on the UK Asian chart, became his second number one on the chart.

In 2020, AP Dhillon released his first EP, Not by Chance. All seven of the songs from the EP charted on the NZ charts and occupied the top five of the Official Punjabi Music chart in the UK.[13]

In 2021, AP Dhillon and his team performed a live concert for the first time as part of the “Over The Top – The Takeover Tour” in major 6 cities in India.[14]

In 2022, Dhillon collaborated with Amazon Prime Video for the promotion of The Boys (season 3) under which he cues an exclusive version of his track ‘Insane’ in the trailer. [4][15]

Discography[edit] #

Extended plays[edit] #

TitleDetailsPeak chart positions
Not by ChanceReleased: 23 December 2020Label: Run-UpFormat: Digital downloadstreaming63
Hidden GemsReleased: 21 November 2021Label: Run-UpFormat: Digital download, streaming
Two Hearts Never
Break the Same
Released: 7 October 2022Label: Run-UpFormat: Digital download, streaming53

Singles discography[edit] #

TitleYearPeak chart positionsMusicAlbum


UK Punjabi
“Fake”2019GminxrNon-album singles
“Top Boy”AP Dhillon
“Arrogant” (with Shinda Kahlon)2020Gminxr
“Feels” (with Gurinder Gill)
“Most Wanted” (with Gurinder Gill)
“Hustlin'” (with a4 and Gminxr)
“Kirsaan” (with Gurinder Gill)Gminxr & S-Kay
“Droptop” (with Gurinder Gill)288[9]Gminxr
“Majhail” (with Gurinder Gill & Manni Sandhu)1[18]1[9]Manni Sandhu
“Excuses” (with Intense & Gurinder Gill)431[10]Intense
“Free Smoke” (with Gurinder Gill)Manu
“Brown Munde” (with Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon)11Gminxr
“Toxic” (with Intense)33Intense
“Foreigns” (with Gurinder Gill)2[19]6Money MusikNot by Chance
“Saada Pyaar”201[20]2
“Fate” (with Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon)335
“Drip” (with Gurinder Gill & Duvy)17
“Takeover” (with Gurinder Gill & AR Paisley)2810
“Chances” (with Gurinder Gill)294
“Goat” (with Gurinder Gill)213
“Insane” (with Shinda Kahlon & Gurinder Gill)2021101Gminxr & PvliNon-album singles
“Ma Belle” (with Amari)2733AP Dhillon
“Against All Odds” (with Shinda Kahlon & Gurinder Gill)7[21]GminxrHidden Gems
“Majhe Aale” (with Shinda Kahlon & Gurinder Gill)32[22]6
“Spaceship” (with Shinda Kahlon)8[23]5
“Tere Te” (with Gurinder Gill)3033AP Dhillon
“Desires” (with Gurinder Gill)2222
“War” (with Gurinder Gill)8Manu
“Summer High”20227915131[24]1[25]Pvli & SachTwo Hearts Never
Break the Same
“Dil Nu” (with Shinda Kahlon)16[26]7Rebbel
“All Night” (with Shinda Kahlon)75
“Hills”6Chris Beats
“Wo Noor”3964Pvli
“Final Thoughts” (with Shinda Kahlon)9Gminxr & Osrs

Production discography[edit] #

Faraar[27]2019Gurinder Gill, Shinda KahlonAppearance in music video
Top Boy[28]AP Dhillon
Ma Belle[29]2021AP Dhillon, Amari
Desires[30]AP Dhillon, Gurinder GillHidden Gems
Tere Te[31]

References[edit] #

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