BLACKPINK South Korean Pop Band

Active from: 2016
Albums: Born Pink, The Album,  Blackpink 2021 ‘The Show’ Live
Awards: Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Awards
Record labels: YG Entertainment,  Interscope Records , YGEX

BLACKPINK is a South Korean pop band formed in 2016 by YG Entertainment. The band consists of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. BLACKPINK quickly rose to fame with their Consumer+ media-savvy image, powerful dance moves, and catchy songs. They have been dubbed the “Princes of K-pop” and have a large following both in South Korea and internationally. 

BLACKPINK has released several successful singles, including “Boombayah” and “As If It’s Your Last,” and their debut album “Square One” topped the charts in multiple countries. 

They are the first female K-pop group to achieve five number-one hits on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. BLACKPINK is also the first Korean act to reach one billion views on a YouTube video with their song “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.” 

BLACKPINK has broken numerous records and achieved numerous milestones since its debut, solidifying its position as one of the most successful K-pop groups of all time.

BLACKPINK has also been praised for its bilingual lyrics, which are sung in Korean and English. BLACKPINK’s success has made them one of the most famous K-Pop bands in the world.


The group’s name was announced as “BLACK” on June 14, 2016. The following day, the name was changed to “BLACKPINK” due to trademark issues.

Jennie was first introduced as a solo artist in February 2015. She later appeared as a contestant on the reality show Win: Who Was Next and debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in August 2016.

Lisa was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is of Thai and Korean descent. Lisa became interested in dancing when she saw Beyoncé perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2013.

Jisoo was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her mother is Japanese, and her father is South Korean. Jisoo studied at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand, before returning to South Korea to pursue a career in singing and acting.

Rosé was born in Melbourne, Australia, to a South Korean mother and an Australian father. She spent most of her childhood living in Sydney, Australia, before moving to South Korea to join YG Entertainment at the age of 17


Debut album “Square One” 2016

The first Blackpink Album, “Square One,” was released on August 8, 2016, with the two singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” The Album peaked at number one on the Korean Gaon Album Chart and sold more than 200,000 copies in South Korea alone. The group’s follow-up EP, “Square one,” was released on November 1 with the single “Playing With Fire.” The EP charted at number three on the Gaon Album Chart. In 2017, Blackpink released two EPs, “As If It’s Your Last” and “Square Up,” which both charted in the top ten charts worldwide. The lead singles off both albums were certified Platinum by the Korean Music Content Association (KMCA).

Whistle was a big hit on the internet and went viral like wildfire. The video was shared a million times in just one day, and even celebrities were talking about it on their social media accounts. It seemed like everyone was singing along to the catchy tune of the whistle!

The song became an overnight sensation, reaching number one on the music charts worldwide. People everywhere couldn’t get enough of the fun and upbeat that had them singing along with glee. Even those unfamiliar with the K-Pop genre were hooked on its infectious melody.

The whistle phenomenon wasn’t just limited to South Korea either. International fans from all over the globe started learning dance moves from choreography videos posted online, and Korean TV shows featured performances of popular songs that included whistling.

Blackpink gained attention for its powerful and unique style, which sets them apart from other girl groups. Their debut EP, “Square One,” was well-received by fans and critics alike, with the two singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah” topping the charts in South Korea.

Second Album, “Square Two” 2016

Blackpink released their second digital Album, “Square Two,” on the first of the November same year (2016), containing their second single, “Playing with Fire,” along with its B-side track, “Stay.” The Album was hugely successful and reached number one on the Billboard World Albums Chart. 

In January 2017, Blackpink held its first concert in Seoul and announced the release of its third digital EP, Square Up. The EP contains four new songs, including the lead single, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which became an instant hit worldwide and made Blackpink the fastest K-pop girl group to reach 100 million views on YouTube. The success of Square Up resulted in Blackpink being invited to perform at some of the biggest music festivals around the world, such as Coachella, Glastonbury, and Lollapal.

Third Album-As If It’s Your Last

Blackpink’s third Album, “as if it’s your last,” was released in Japan in 2017. It contains Japanese versions of several songs from the group’s previous Album, Square Up, and some new tracks. The Album’s lead single, “As If It’s Your Last,” became an instant hit and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

In 2018, Blackpink released its first full-length Korean studio album, ‘ Square Up,’ which gained massive success in South Korea and abroad. They won numerous awards, including the Best Dance-Female Award at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards and Album Bonsang at the 29th Golden Disc Awards. The lead singles off Square Up and its accompanying music video “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” also reached a record-breaking 100 million.

The Japanese version of “whistle” and “boombayah” was released on August 30, 2017. The success of the Japanese versions led to the group’s first Japanese tour in January 2019, which was attended by over 100,000 fans.

Blackpink released its second Korean Album, Kill This Love, on April 5, 2019. The lead single off the Album, “Kill This Love,” is one of the most successful Korean songs ever released and became an international hit. The EP was certified Platinum in South Korea and reached number 1 on Billboard’s World Album Chart. Following its release, Blackpink embarked on a world tour spanned five continents and sold-out arenas across Asia and North America. The group also achieved other milestones, such as becoming the first female K-Pop group to perform at Coachella.

Square-Up 2018

On June 15, 2018, the girls released their first mini Album, “Square Up.” The Album contained four new songs, including the lead single, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which became an instant hit and was certified Platinum in South Korea. The Album was hugely successful and topped the Gaon Album Chart and many other international music charts.

In October 2020, Blackpink released its first full-length studio album, The Album, consisting of eight tracks. Preceding its release, they dropped two singles: “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez. Both tracks achieved massive success worldwide and shattered records for the most YouTube views within 24 hours of their release. The Album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart – making Blackpink.

Kill This Love, Coachella-2019

Kill This Love, Coachella, The Album-2019, charting Album on the US Billboard 200 chart. This marked the first time a South Korean girl group could take such a feat and is seen as an example of K Pop’s global influence on music today.

Blackpink continues to make strides in achieving more feats and breaking more records while they continue their journey as one of the world’s most popular K Pop groups. The group’s success shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, with their latest single, “Lovesick Girls,” becoming yet another international hit. With their ever-growing fanbase and immense talent, there’s no doubt that Blackpink’s future will be filled with even more.

Kill this Japanese love version was released by the girls on July 14, 2019, and it has become the most-viewed Japanese music video in 24 hours. On June 30, 2020, Blackpink became the first K-Pop girl group to hit 1 billion views on Youtube with their single ‘Kill This Love.

In addition, Blackpink has achieved several Guinness World Records, such as Most Subscribed Music Group on YouTube and Fastest Time to Reach 100 Million Views On YouTube by a Kpop act. They are also the only female K-pop group to rank at number one on Billboard 200 and top Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with their single “Sour Candy.”

The girls of Blackpink continue to make history and break records, showcasing their immense talent and showing no signs of slowing.

Studio Albums

The Album (2020)

The first studio album, “The Album,” on October 2, 2020, and its lead single, “How You Like That,” became the most viewed online video within 24 hours. Blackpink’s music continues to draw mass attention from all over the world. Their success is immense and well-deserved. As they work hard to create more outstanding music, we can only expect greater things from them for years to come.

Blackpink has truly made a name for itself and is an example of how K Pop can influence the rest of the world. With their ever-growing fanbase, immense talent, and continued success. There’s no doubt that their future holds even more accomplishments and achievements for them as they continue with their journey.

Blackpink has achieved numerous remarkable feats throughout its career and is set to keep going strong for many years. They have broken countless records, topped international charts, and are always pushing forward in pursuit of greater heights. Their legacy will be remembered by fans worldwide as they become one of the most influential K Pop groups in history.

Blackpink proves that hard work and dedication can bring success, no matter the odds. With their ever-growing fanbase, immense talent, and continued success, they will continue making history in the music industry for many years.

Born Pink (2022)

The second studio album by Blackpink is “Born Pink,” released in 2022. The Album contains hit singles such as “Kill This Love,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” and “How You Like That.” The Album is set to break even more records and further propel the group’s success.

Blackpink has taken the music world by storm, proving that they will always come out on top no matter their obstacles. From topping iTunes charts in over 50 countries to becoming the first K Pop act to enter Billboard Hot 100 chart twice with their single “Sour Candy,” Blackpink continues to create history and prove itself worthy of being one of the most successful K Pop groups ever. There’s no doubt that they will continue making history for many years to come.

Blackpink is a true testament to the power of hard work and dedication. Their success is well-deserved, and they continue to be an inspiration for many fans around the world. With their ever-growing influence on the global music scene, there’s no doubt that Blackpink will keep making headlines and breaking records in the years to come. We can only look forward to more amazing things from them as they embark on their journey toward becoming one of the most successful K Pop groups in history.

Live Albums 

“In Your Area” Seoul 2019

“In Your Area” was the first live album by Blackpink, released in 2020. The Album was an instant success, topping charts worldwide and becoming the highest-selling K Pop album of all time on iTunes.

“The Show” 2021

“The Show” is a recent live album in 2021 that was recorded during the concert of Blackpink in Seoul. This Album includes all their hits, including “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “As If It’s Your Last,” “Kill This Love,” and more. The Show is another testament to Blackpink’s immense popularity and global influence.

Blackpink is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry and will undoubtedly continue making history as they take over the world. They set an example of perseverance, passion, and hard work, inspiring many fans worldwide. With their ever-growing success, Blackpink will continue making history in the music industry for many years. We can’t wait for what amazing things they will do next!

Music Industry Achievements 

Billboard Chart Records 

The k-pop girls managed to win multiple billboard chart records in 2018. three billboard chart records were set for the most views for a music video within 24 hours, the biggest debut of an all-female k-pop group on Billboard 200, and the highest-ranking female k-pop act on Billboard Hot 100. In 2019, Blackpink earned another record as they became the first K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the United States.

In 2020, Blackpink broke more records with their single “How You Like That” from their Album. It achieved 86.3 million views within 24 hours, making it the most-viewed music video by a K-Pop group on YouTube in one day. The song also topped the iTunes charts across 57 countries and topped South Korea’s

Korean Hit on YouTube

On July 5, 2018, the most-viewed Korean video on YouTube was released. The music video for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” accumulated over 700 million views and became the first K-Pop group music video to reach this milestone. In 2019, Blackpink set another record, becoming the first girl group to surpass 1 billion views with their single “Kill This Love.”

Blackpink has achieved 8 Guinness World Records by becoming the most subscribed k-pop artist on YouTube, having the most viewed you tube video by a kpop group in 24 hours, and having the fastest time to reach 100 million views on YouTube, among others. Moreover, on June 26, 2020, Blackpink became the first female K Pop group to achieve number one.

First Korean Video to Cross One Billion on YouTube

Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is the First Korean Video to Cross One Billion on YouTube. BLACKPINK has become the first K-Pop group to have a music video with over one billion views on YouTube. Their song “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” was released in June 2018 and has since skyrocketed to become the most-viewed K-Pop song ever.

Blackpink’s Success Is Unprecedented. Although BLACKPINK is still relatively new, they’ve already carved out quite a niche in the industry. Not only have they achieved unprecedented success, but their music videos have also received millions of views. With catchy tunes and vibrant visuals, it is clear that BLACKPINK’s rise in popularity is no fluke! As the group continues to grow, we look forward to seeing the amazing things that Blackpink will accomplish in the future.


“Sour Candy” is a collaboration with “The Lady Gaga.”

“Sour Candy,” a collaboration with “The Lady Gaga,” marked the group’s second entry onto Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song peaked at number 33, creating another record for the highest-ranked K-Pop girl group on Billboard Hot 100 and becoming the first female K Pop act to enter the charts twice.

On October 8, 2020, Blackpink released their single ‘Lovesick Girls’ from their EP titled ‘The Album’ which topped iTunes Charts in over 50 countries and became the most viewed music video by a k-pop group in 24 hours with 56.7 million views within its first day of release. This further cemented the group’s place as one of the world’s most successful K Pop acts.

“Kiss and MakeUp” with “Dua Lipa”

Dua Lipa and Blackpink had a mutual collaboration named “kiss and lip” in 2021. This single was a major hit and topped charts around the world. The music video to the song was a massive success, garnering millions of views in a matter of days.

The collaboration between Dua Lipa and Blackpink proves that together two amazing artists can create something unique and special. The combination of their distinct styles and sounds resulted in a new and familiar song.

With their ever-growing influence on the global music scene, there’s no doubt that Blackpink will keep making headlines and breaking records in the years to come. Their collaboration with Dua Lipa is just one example of how they continue to be an inspiration for many fans around the world. We can only look forward to more amazing things from them as they embark on their journey toward becoming one of the most successful K Pop groups in history.

“Ice Cream” with “Salena Gomez”

Blackpink’s collaboration with Salena Gomez produced stunning results on internet streaming platforms. Gomez and Blackpink collaborated on the song “Ice Cream” in 2020, and it quickly became a global hit with its catchy beat and captivating visuals. The song was an instant success, topping international music charts and breaking records across digital streaming platforms.

The collaboration between Salena Gomez and Blackpink shows that K Pop can hugely impact the mainstream music industry. Not only did the two artists created a fresh new sound together, but they also showed just how versatile K Pop is as an art form. This collaboration has opened up exciting possibilities for future collaborations between other prominent musical acts of different genres worldwide.

Other Releases

“The Blacklabel Remix”

So Hot “The Blacklabel Remix” is just one of the many incredible achievements Blackpink has accomplished over the past few years. From collaborations with international stars to taking over the world with their unique style and sound, this group has repeatedly shown why it is one of the most popular K Pop groups in history. As they continue to make waves around the globe, we can only look forward to what amazing things they will do next! 

Ready for Love (Blackpink X PUBG Mobile)

Ready for Love (Blackpink X PUBG Mobile) was an exciting collaboration between Blackpink and the popular mobile game PUBG Mobile. This song combined elements of K Pop with EDM and was used as one of the main themes for the game’s second anniversary. The track was an instant hit, becoming one of the most streamed songs in Korea and on other charts worldwide. This collaboration shows how much Blackpink can reach out beyond K Pop music to new audiences and fans. 

Awards and Accomplishments

Seoul Music: Award for Best New Artist (2017,2018)

Blackpink got Seoul Music Award for Best New Artist. This award is given to the most promising new artist in South Korea each year, and Blackpink deservedly won it for their amazing debut album Square One and its iconic title track “Whistle.” This win proved that Blackpink had arrived on the world stage as one of the leading K Pop Groups, with fans around the globe.

Since then, Blackpink has gone from strength to strength and continues to be one of the world’s most popular K Pop acts. Their music is always fresh and exciting, inspiring new generations of fans to share their love for this amazing group.

Teen Choice Award for Choice Single 2019

Teen Choice Award for Choice Single for Blackpink’s collaboration with Cardi B and Selena Gomez, “Ice Cream.” This win further proved that Blackpink is an unstoppable force in the music industry. 

They have conquered the K Pop world and made their mark on international music charts and digital streaming platforms. Blackpink is here to stay and will continue to inspire with its amazing music for many years!

MAMA Award for Best Female Group 2020

The girls of Blackpink received MAMA Award for Best Female Group in 2020 for their best performances throughout the year. This award is a massive achievement for Blackpink and further confirms their status as one of the biggest groups in K Pop. It also shows that Blackpink’s music has reached far beyond South Korea to international audiences worldwide.

MTV Video Music Award for Song of Summer (2020,2022)

Blackpink received the MTV Video Music Award twice for the Song of Summer and Best K-Pop. This award was a testament to the group’s growth and popularity as an international platform recognized them. 

This award is among the most prestigious in the music industry, confirming that Blackpink is a truly global phenomenon. With their powerful songs, captivating performances, and positive message

Golden Disc Award Album Division 2021

Golden Disc Award Album Division 2021 was the latest major award that Blackpink has won. This award was given in recognition of their record-breaking success with their third full Album, “The Album,” released only months before. This win is yet another testament to how far Blackpink has come and how much power they possess on the international music scene.

Movies and Documentaries

Light Up the Sky

Light Up the Sky is a Netflix show documentary featuring Blackpink girls. Through this documentary, the audience can glimpse members’ daily lives, music, and stories. It shows the training they had to go through while preparing for their international debut and gives us an insight into what it was like to be a new idol in K-pop. 

The documentary also highlights their friendship, how each member has grown over the years, and how they support each other. It also focuses on their accomplishments and how they remain united despite their differences. Finally, it looks at the bond between the members, with some of them even speaking about their dreams for Blackpink’s future. 

Light Up the Sky looks at K-pop from an international perspective and gives fans an inside look into this burgeoning global phenomenon. As one of the biggest names in Korean pop music, BLACKPINK is a true success story that we can all learn from; this documentary will give viewers an eye-opening experience like no other!

The Movie

The Movie is a south Korean documentary film featuring south Korean girls of Blackpink. The film highlights the members’ journey and how they prepared for their debut on the international stage. It also looks over the band’s daily life, how much effort each member has put in since joining Blackpink and how much each has grown as an artist. Along with showing us what friendship between group members is like, it also dives into personal stories and interviews with family members and close friends that helped shape their success.


Jennie Dating V of BTS

Rumors on social media speculated that Jennie of Blackpink was dating V of BTS. Fans were eager to find out if it was true or not. After much speculation, Jennie finally came out with a statement confirming the rumors and expressing her happiness in being able to share such news with fans. This news sent shockwaves through the k pop world as fans of both groups reacted in excitement and anticipation for what could come from this new development.

The relationship between Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS’s V is exciting, showing how two powerful groups can unite in unity and friendship. Fans have supported their idols’ decision to make their relationship public, showing that love knows no boundaries, even between different music groups.

Bullying scandal

Mr. Lee claimed that he was in school with Jannie, and she used to bully him a lot due to his poor English. Fans of Blackpink’s Jennie were shocked and disappointed to hear the news, as they could not comprehend why she would do something like that. This incident has sparked discussions about cyberbullying in the Kpop world, but it also served as a reminder of how much impact celebrities can have on their fans’ lives.


BLACKPINK is back! The all-female South Korean pop band has just released their first Album in over two years, and it’s already topping charts worldwide. If you’re unfamiliar with them, now is the time to get acquainted—their music will surely be a hit for years to come. In addition to their new studio album (The Album), they announced that they’d release Born Pink later this year. This will be their second full-length Album, and it promises to showcase even more of BLACKPINK’s unique sound and style. So far, the singles they’ve released from Born Pink are already gaining traction on social media. Whether you love K-pop or are just starting with it, BLACKPINK is a group you won’t miss.

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