I’m Good (Blue) by David Guetta

Released: 2022

Album: I’m Good (Blue) (Extended Remixes)

Artists: Bebe Rexha, David Guetta

Genre: Dance/Electronic

Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Recording

In today’s music landscape, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. There are so many artists and songs out there lying for attention that it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. But every now and again, an artist comes along who manage to break through the noise and capture our attention. One such artist is David Guetta, whose song “I’m Good (Blue)” has been making waves ever since its release. With its catchy melody and soulful lyrics, the song has resonated with listeners all over the world. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at “I’m Good (Blue)” and what makes it such a special song. We’ll also explore David Guetta’s career thus far and what the future holds for this talented artist.

David Guetta, a French DJ and record producer, has just released a new version of the smash tune “I’m Good (Blue)” that he has previously released. On the chart-topping single, David Guetta and Bebe Rexha collaborate, with both artists putting in work to highlight the song’s positive aspects.

David Guetta is an electronic music producer and DJ from Sweden. He is best known for his work with the Swedish House Mafia, a group he was a member of from 2009 to 2013. He has also released several solo singles, most notably “I’m Good” and “Blue.”

David Guetta is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his work with the electronic music duo The Chainsmokers.

Guetta started his career as a singer-songwriter, writing and performing his own songs. He later met Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers and began working with the duo as a producer and co-writer. Guetta has co-written and produced several of The Chainsmokers’ hit songs, including “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Closer”, “Something Just Like This”, and “Paris”.

In addition to his work with The Chainsmokers, Guetta has also worked with other artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Marshmello

David Guetta’s “Song I’m Good (Blue)” is a haunting track that explores the dark side of relationships. The lyrics are written in a cryptic style, hinting at hidden meanings and secrets. The song’s soundscape is ethereal and otherworldly, with a driving beat that creates a feeling of unease.

Bebe Rexha and French DJ David Guetta collaborated on the song “I’m Good (Blue),” which was released in 2018. On August 26, 2022, it was made available for purchase as a digital single via What a DJ and Warner UK. The song was written by Kamille and Rexha, who also contributed to the track’s composition along with Deba Dakaj, Phil Plested, and David Guetta. David Guetta and Timofey Reznikov were responsible for the production of the song. The song significantly borrows Eiffel 65’s record from 1998 titled “Blue (Da Ba Dee);” as a result, members of Eiffel 65 Jeffrey Jey and Maurizio Lobina, in addition to the co-producer of the original tune Massimo Gabutti, are awarded composition credits for the song.

Before “I’m Good (Blue)” became popular on TikTok in 2022, it was recorded, sung, and remixed over the course of a number of years. After some time had passed, Rexha went back in and re-recorded her vocals for the tune before it was made available as a single. It has reached number one on the charts in 20 different countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, among others. Additionally, it was number one on the charts in seventeen additional countries’ music marketplaces, including Germany and France. At the upcoming 65th Annual Grammy Awards, this song is up for consideration for the award for Best Dance/Electronic Recording.

While David Guetta is no stranger to this level of success and this will mark his 7th time winning the top spot on the chart, this will be Bebe Rexha’s first #1 single in the UK, and it will also record his 7th time earning the top spot on the chart. Since it was first made available, the song has been played more than 140 million times all over the world, propelling David Guetta to the seventh rank on the list of artists who are the most streamed on Spotify throughout the globe. This is just one more fantastic accomplishment that David Guetta has accomplished over his already renowned career, which has been running strong all the way into the year 2022. 

The French producer and DJ has, once again, kept himself extremely busy, both on stage and in the studio. A steady stream of new music and remixes has been hitting streaming services throughout the year. In addition, he holds the distinction of being the only DJ to hold down to Ibiza residences throughout the summer. Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous Party has been happening every Monday at Ushuaia, while he also attends a shared event with Future Rave partner Morten every Friday at H.

Bebe Rexha has already established a fantastic career for herself, and the popularity of her new single “I’m Good (Blue)” will only propel her career even higher. Her second studio album, titled Better Mistakes, was released earlier this year, and her single, titled “Sacrifice,” is still generating a lot of buzz on playlists all around the world. It seems as though the momentum for I’m Good (Blue) is only just getting started, what with the recent release of many remixes of the duet, including ones by Cedric Gervais and Tiesto, as well as a music video for the tune.

Bebe Rexha and David Guetta have collaborated on a new tune together titled “I’m Good (Blue),” which was released today via What A DJ/What A Music/Warner Records. Have a listen to it down here right now. Bebe’s soulful vocals are featured throughout “I’m Good (Blue),” which also has ecstatic piano melodies and contagious enthusiasm on the dancefloor. Already a huge success on TikTok, the sound has been used in a total of 130,000 compositions and has received more than 500 million views. Rexha and Guetta started working on this song for the first time five years ago, and after building up a significant amount of hype on the internet, it is now finally ready for an official release.

It follows a typically productive run of singles by Guetta, including a massive modern rework of “Satisfaction” with Benny Benassi and a dancefloor heater called “Family Affair (Dance for Me),” which has gained more than 10 million plays since its debut. Guetta also continues to reign supreme in the world of pop music with recent hits such as “Don’t You Worry” featuring Black Eyed Peas and Shakira and the world-conquering “Crazy What Love Can Do.” “Crazy What Love Can Do” is a certified smash that has already surpassed 150 million global streams, has been certified gold.

Bebe Rexha is a pop superstar who has been awarded diamond certification and a Grammy nomination. In 2018, she released her debut album Expectations, which was certified platinum and featured the smash hit “I’m a Mess” and the diamond-certified single “Meant to Be” featuring Florida Georgia Line. “Meant to Be” topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a record-setting 50 consecutive weeks, making it the longest reign ever by a female lead artist. Bebe has gotten two Grammy nominations so far (for Best Country Duo/Group Performance and Best New Artist), has crossed four billion views on YouTube, and has more over twelve billion cumulative global streams and is still counting. Her second studio album, titled Better Mistakes, was released in May of this past year, and it contains the ever-popular dance song “Sacrifice.”


The song “I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha is comprised of a number of different components, including melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. It is an art form to create, perfect, and perform musical compositions since music is a kind of intuitively occurring event. Music The song “I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon that was created by a variety of musical instruments. But the art of music is not restricted to the sounds that are produced through musical instruments; rather, anything that is capable of producing sounds or sounds can be deemed to be Musik. 

Song Lyrics David Guetta & Bebe Rexha “I’m Good (Blue),” the concept is referred to as “natural music,” including the sound of human footsteps walking, the sound of the wind rustling, and the sound of waves crashing. Even if there is no evidence that the organism is trying to create music, it nevertheless has the potential to be classified as such.

“I’m Good (Blue),” performed by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha. Music therapy is an interpersonal process that employs the use of music for therapeutic purposes, including the physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual well-being of patients. The goal of music therapy is to help patients improve or maintain their health. Song lyrics, digital audio files (MP3 and MP4), and digital video files (MP4) can in some instances directly address the requirements of the patient. On other occasions, the mode of treatment will be determined by the nature of the relationship that forms between the patient and the therapist.

Therapy is utilized for people of all ages and with a variety of conditions, including but not limited to psychiatric disorders, medical problems, physical disabilities, sensory disorders, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, communication disorders, interpersonal problems, and for people who are in the process of aging. A variety of other health-related tasks, such as learning concentration, increasing one’s self-esteem, lowering one’s stress level, supporting physical exercise, and facilitating a number of other activities can also be facilitated by therapy.

One of the earliest records that makes mention of music therapy can be found at Al-Farabi (sometime between 872-950). The significance of the treatise of Intellect describes the soul-healing potential of music like “I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha. David Guetta and Bebe Rexha Lyrics to Their Song The song “I’m Good (Blue)” has been utilized for a very long time to assist people in coping with their various emotional issues. 

To say that the DJ was taken aback would be an understatement. “Bebe emailed me saying we need to put the record out, that it’s bursting everywhere,” recalls David Guetta. “We need to put the record out.” “I actually had no notion that people were into the song,” they said. And Rexha was not being overly dramatic. A portion of the DJ performance was included in more than 130,000 “creates” and had accumulated more than 500 million views on TikTok; these statistics have now been increased by an additional factor of two. The collaborators moved quickly because they were aware that viral trends typically only last for a relatively short period of time.

According to David Guetta, “I rushed into the studio to finish it.” It’s interesting to note that he referred to his own music as inspiration. He explains, “I dug in my own past and produced it a bit more like I was doing it during the time of ‘Sexy Bitch’ and all those records.” I’m going to be able to try some of my own creations very soon.

His objective was to create a “classic” David Guetta album that was also approachable to fans interested in pop and dance music. After then, Rexha re-recorded the vocals for the song. The hitmaker recalls, “I could have sworn we cut it on a Sm7, which is a cheap microphone,” and he says this for the recording device. “We didn’t even record the song in the booth; we did it all in the room. Therefore, I decided to redo the recording of my vocals using a high-quality microphone.

In addition, Rexha contributed harmonies, and the track was released almost immediately afterward. The song “I’m Good (Blue)” has climbed all the way to the top of the charts in more than a dozen nations, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. It is now sitting at position No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Guetta comments on the success of the dance hymn by saying, “It’s great.” “It’s wonderful that we are living in a period where individuals actually get to choose what it is that they want to listen to,” said one person.

When asked why “I’m Good (Blue)” is connecting the way that it is, their opinions are slightly different from one another. The decade of the 2000s is making a strong comeback in both the fashion and music industries, according to Rexha, who notes that “People adore nostalgia.” “Also, I believe that people have been pent up for the past three years, and all they want to do is be joyful and feel good.”

Guetta, on the other hand, believes that the song’s uncomplicated nature is what has contributed most to its success. “When you successfully convey a straightforward feeling, other people are more likely to identify with what you’re saying,” he says. The DJ resists the idea of replaying “Blue (Da Ba Dee),” which could seem like an easy way to win. Guetta claims that it is quite challenging to create something straightforward that does not come out as corny. “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it worked this time better than any of us could have possibly imagined.”

The creative affinity between Guetta and Rexha is unmistakable, as seen by their string of six successful collaborations together. According to David Guetta, “she’s not only a terrific singer, but also a great lyricist.” “In addition to that, she has an insane work ethic.” Rexha attributes their continuous success to the relaxed and enjoyable way in which they collaborate. She claims that the two of us have “excellent musical chemistry.” “I grew up listening to David Guetta. I actually learned everything I know from listening to him. He creates very amazing dance music that is targeted towards the general public.

Both musicians are pondering their next steps now that they have achieved worldwide success with their respective projects. For instance, Guetta has not ruled out the possibility of releasing an album. He claims, “In the past two years, I’ve had a significant number of hits.” “I’m giving it some thought right now.” Rexha is working on another club collaboration, and in the background, she is making plans for the release of her third album. However, you shouldn’t be too surprised if the pair decides to enter the studio together again in the near future. Guetta yells at his audience, “Come on! we’re not going to stop here.” “Never in a million years!”

About writer

Pierre David Guetta is a French DJ and music producer. He was born on November 7, 1967 in France. He has sold more than 10 million albums and 65 million singles around the world, and his music has been streamed more than 10 billion times. In the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs survey for 2011, 2020, and 2021, David Guetta was chosen as the best DJ overall each year. When Love Takes Over” was recognized by Billboard as the best dance-pop collaboration of all time in the year 2013.

He was born and raised in Paris, and in 2002, he published his debut studio album, titled Just a Little More Love. Guetta Blaster (2004) and Pop Life were two of his subsequent releases (2007). Guetta found mainstream popularity with his album One Love, which was released in 2009. The album featured the smash singles “When Love Takes Over,” “Gettin’ Over You,” “Sexy Bitch,” and “Memories.” 

The first three of these tracks all peaked at number one in the United Kingdom. This success was carried over to the follow-up album released in 2011, titled Nothing but the Beat. This album featured the chart-topping songs “Where Them Girls At,” “Little Bad Girl,” “Without You,” “Titanium,” and “Turn Me On.” His album titled 7 was published in 2018, and it featured guest appearances from artists such as J Balvin, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Sia, and G-Eazy. Additionally, twelve tracks under his moniker Jack Back were included on the album. Together with another producer named Morten Breum, he launched a new trend in 2019 that they called “future rave,” and they plan to release their New Rave EP in July of 2020. Guetta and Sia got back together to record “Let’s Love,” which will be released in September of 2020.

Guetta has been honored with three different music awards, including two Grammys, an American Music Award, and a Billboard Music Award. Guetta sold his recorded music catalog for a figure somewhere in the neighborhood of US$100 million in June 2021, according to Music Business Worldwide, which cited a source as stating that the sale price was greater than that, but less than US$150 million.

He began by playing popular songs, then in 1987, when he was listening to French radio, he first encountered house music when he heard a single by Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. The following year, he launched his own club evenings that he hosted. In 1990, he came out with the hip-hop duet “Nation Rap,” which was a collaboration with the French rapper Sidney Duteil.

Guetta began his career as a musician in the middle of the 1990s, performing in clubs such as Le Centrale, the Rex, Le Boy, and Folies Pigalle.

Guetta’s second single, which was a duet with American house vocalist Robert Owens and was titled “Up & Away” and was released in 1994, was a moderately successful club smash. Guetta took over management of the Le Palace nightclub in 1994 and continued to throw parties there and at other clubs, including the “Scream” parties held at Les Bains Douches. He also continued to organize parties elsewhere.

The meaning behind the lyrics and David Guetta’s creative process for writing the song

The lyrics of “Song I’m Good (Blue)” are about a young man’s journey to find his purpose in life. He starts off by asking himself what he’s good at, and comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t really know. He then turns to his friends and family for guidance, but they all seem to be just as lost as he is. Finally, he decides to go out into the world and figure it out for himself. The song is about taking the leap into the unknown and trusting that everything will work out in the end.

David Guetta’s creative process for writing the song “I’m Good (Blue)” was very organic. He started with a simple melody that he hummed to himself while driving. From there, he began playing around with different chord progressions and lyric ideas until he arrived at the finished product.

Guetta says that the song is about “feeling good despite the odds.” He wanted to capture that feeling of hope and resilience in his music, and he feels that he accomplished that with “I’m Good (Blue).”

“Song I’m Good” is the lead single from David Guetta’s album, Blue. “Song I’m Good” is about a relationship that ended poorly, but Guetta still wants to be friends with the person. The song has been described as having a “catchy hook” and being ” upbeat”.

Guetta has said that he wanted the lead to sing a song that would make people want to dance, and he succeeded. “Song I’m Good” is one of the most upbeat songs on the album, and it’s sure to get stuck in your head after on one listening. Even though the lyrics are about a sad topic, the song itself is anything but depressing. If you’re looking for a feel-good tune to help you forget your troubles, look no further than “Song I’m Good.”

David Guetta’s “Song I’m Good (Blue)” is a beautiful, soulful track that will leave you wanting more. The song was written about Guetta’s time spent living in the city of Chicago. The lyrics reflect on the struggles and challenges faced while living in the city, as well as the hope and positive attitude that Guetta brings to his music.

The song begins with a simple piano melody, which is soon joined by Guetta’s gentle vocals. The lyrics are honest and introspective, giving listeners a glimpse into Guetta’s personal thoughts and feelings. As the song progresses, the instrumentation becomes more complex, with layers of strings and percussion creating an increasingly rich soundscape. By the end of the song, it’s clear that “Song I’m Good (Blue)” is a special track that will stay with listeners long after it ends.

The song’s connection to Guetta’s personal life

Growing up in the inner city, Guetta was exposed to a lot of violence and crime. He witnessed firsthand struggles that many people in his community faced on daily basis. This song is his way of connecting with those experiences and telling his story.

Guetta has said that the song is about “the never-ending cycle of violence that plagues so many communities.” He goes on to say that “it’s about growing up in a place where you’re constantly exposed to danger, but also feeling like you can’t escape it.”

This song is clearly very personal to Guetta and it is easy to see how it could be relatable to many people who have experienced similar things. It is a powerful song that speaks to the reality of life in some communities and the challenges that come with growing up there.

Critical reception

David Guetta’s “Song I’m Good (Blue)” has received critical acclaim from music critics. Many have praised the song’s catchy melody and Guetta’s vocal performance. Some have also praised the song’s production, calling it “clean” and ” polished.”

Critics have also lauded the song’s production, calling it ” polished” and ” radio-friendly”. They have also praised Guetta’s use of Auto-Tune on his vocals, calling it a “unique” and “effective” way to add emotion to the song.

Critics have also praised the song’s lyrics, which deal with the theme of heartbreak. One critic called the lyrics “honest” and “raw,” while another said they were ” relatable.”

Overall, critics have given “Song I’m Good (Blue)” high marks, calling it a catchy, well-produced pop song with relatable lyrics.

The Significance of the Song

David Guetta’s “Song I’m Good (Blue)” is a haunting, beautiful track that has gained a cult following online. The song has been used in a number of videos and has been praised for its emotion and atmosphere.

The song is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, the song is incredibly moving and atmospheric. The production is top-notch, and Guetta’s vocals are gorgeous. The song has an ethereal quality that makes it stand out from other tracks in the genre.

Secondly, the song has been used in a number of popular videos. One of the most famous uses was in a fan-made video for the game “Firewatch”. The video achieved over 1 million views and helped to raise awareness of the game.

Lastly, the song has been praised by a number of high-profile figures in the music industry. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke described it as “stunning”, while Pitchfork described it as “one of the most beautiful and affecting things [they had] ever heard”. “Song I’m Good (Blue)” is a stunning piece of music that has resonated with people all over the world. The song is significant for its emotion, atmosphere, and popularity online.

The Legacy of the Song

David Guetta’s “Song I’m Good (Blue)” is a haunting and beautiful ballad that recalls the singer’s lost love. The song was released in 2006, just before Guetta’s untimely death, and has since become a modern classic.

The lyrics of “Song I’m Good (Blue)” are simple but powerfully evocative, hinting at the depth of the singer’s feelings for his lost love: The song’s melody is equally stirring, with a gentle piano accompaniment that only serves to heighten the emotion of Guetta’s performance.

It is clear that “Song I’m Good (Blue)” is a very personal track for Guetta, and its release shortly before his death makes it all the more poignant. The song has since been covered by many artists, including Adele and John Legend, further testament to its timeless appeal.

Bottom line

David Guetta’s song “I’m Good (Blue)” has been received very well by fans and critics alike. The song has been praised for its catchy melody and infectious beat. Additionally, the song’s message of staying positive and being yourself has resonated with many listeners. Overall, “I’m Good (Blue)” is a feel-good track that is sure to get stuck in your head.

David Guetta’s song I’m Good (Blue) is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that will stay with you long after you’ve heard it. The lyrics are simple but profound, and the emotions they convey are both moving and relatable. If you’re looking for a song to help you through a tough time, or just want something to appreciate the beauty of life, I highly recommend giving I’m Good (Blue) a listen.

When you think of David Guetta, you probably think of his more famous songs like “Where Are U Now” or “Lean On.” But have you ever listened to “I’m Good (Blue)” and really paid attention to the lyrics? If not, you’re missing out on one of Guetta’s more underrated songs. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics of “I’m Good (Blue)” and try to understand what Guetta is trying to say with this song. We’ll also explore the different interpretations of the song and what it means to different people.


As always, Guetta does not disappoint with this latest release. “I’m Good” is a hauntingly beautiful song that will stay with you long after the first listen. The lyrics are simple but profound, and the melody is both unique and catchy. If you’re a fan of Guetta’s previous work, or if you’re simply looking for a new artist to add to your playlist, I highly recommend giving him a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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